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May Worship Schedule & Summer Planning

May On-line worship schedule:

Sundays 3,10,17,24: worship online - website and Facebook

May 24 worship : Special Worship in observance of Memorial Day

Wednesdays/may 6,13,20, 27: Holden Evening Prayer/ 9 minute worship

worship online - website and Facebook

May 13 Norman council meeting: 7 pm telephone conference call

Looking ahead to Summer - Let's pray to gather together again:

Face-to-face-Worship during the summer, hoping to begin, JUNE 3 😊 Practicing safe social distancing!! (Check the church website--we'll keep you informed)

7pm Wednesdays/ joint worship service for BOTH Davenport and Norman Lutheran.

Likely, rotating schedule: one month will be at Norman, the next month will be at Davenport.

NOTE: Davenport has been worshiping Wednesdays only in the summer for a few years.

This will be NEW for Norman, to begin worship on Wednesdays, during the summer.

Sunday worship during the summer at Norman may be offered on a limited basis, perhaps once a month. But we are seeking your input and advice on this decision.

Please call Pastor Kathy and chat with her regarding your thoughts! 701-238-3051 or email:

When weather is pleasant, we may consider worship outdoors.

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