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Whoever wants to be a leader among

you must be your servant.

Matthew 20:26

Lukas Croaker, President (2021)

Jim Hoy, Vice President (2021)

Nicole Rohrbeck, Secretary (2021)

Rick Wilson, Treasurer (2021)

Brenda Robinson, Financial Secretary (2021)

Nicole Rohrbeck, Deacon (2021)

Jess Weiser, Deacon (2022)

Brenda Robinson, Deacon (2022)

Eric Berg, Deacon (2023)

Dawn Thompson, Deacon (2023)

Joe Sauvageau, Trustee (2023)

Missy Braaten, Trustee (2023)

Erik Thoen, Trustee (2021)

Dean Duval, Trustee (2022)

Rachell Mitchell, Board of Ed (2021)

Stacy Swenson, Board of Ed (2022)

Michelle Kuznia, Board of Ed (2023)

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