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"We walk by faith, not by sight" the apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:7.  Join us in this opportunity to walk together in faith to help each other in our community through prayer and gifts throughout the year. 

This "Walk in Faith" ministry was previously the "Shoe & Boot Run" in the Norman Davenport Parish, but is expanding to provide coats and clothing as well. 


We would like to work together with our faith community to provide "Walk in Faith" donations as an add on to the gifts we give for holiday food baskets through the KAMA (Kindred Area Ministerial Association) program as well as provide support throughout the year for requests through the school or food pantry.

All donations stay in the Kindred Community to help local families in need.  Consider following the Kindred Area Community Services FB page to see all of the community resources in one place :  Kindred Backpack Program, Kindred Area Food Pantry and Walk in Faith.



Contact Allison Wilson (701.781.4171) or Jen Swenson (701.371.5537)

A local AA group meets every Monday at 7 pm in the Norman Lutheran Church fellowship hall.  Treats are provided by the parish!  All are welcome.

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Follow Kindred Area Community Services on FB to see needs and opportunities in the community!

Email for more information on programs available and ways to connect to use or donate to these services

Kindred Food Pantry

housed in Kindred Lutheran Church

Kindred Area Ministerial Association (KAMA)

Holiday Food Baskets

Kindred Backpack Program

Free & Reduced Lunch eligible

Walk in Faith

shoes, clothes, winter gear

Rooted in Christ • Growing in Grace • Seeding the Future

The Foundation was created in 2022 using proceeds from the sale of the Norman Lutheran Church parsonage.  Those funds were invested and will continue to grow and allow us to spread the word of God into our community through a grant giving process. 

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