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12.31.23 Bulletin & Announcements

PRAYER REQUESTS- family & friends of Roy Kringstad, Shirley Berg, family & friends of Elaine Mitchell, family & friends of Virgil Hans, Melvin Anderson, Pastor Phil Larsen and family, Trudy Torgerson, Carol Malone, Bonnie Plath, Arlene Haux, Garret Fenner & family, Tanya Ausk, and Erickson family. Please pray for our elders.                                                               

We pray a special prayer of thankfulness to all the lineman and everyone that has worked so hard this week to restore power to those that have been out from the Christmas Day Ice Storm. Thank you! God Bless you!



JANUARY WORSHIP TIMES beginning January 7th

Davenport Worship at 9:00am with Sunday School Kids Club during Worship 9:15-10    

Norman will Worship at 11:00am with Sunday School during Worship 11:15-12:00pm             


*Please help me reach my goal of having the directory updated by the annual meeting January 21st. Please send a family photo to  Thank you so much to those that have sent information!                                                                    

*With school starting back from break this week, we will continue to help provide snacks for the elementary school. You may leave them at the church and we will drop them by the school. Individually wrapped items such as applesauce pouches or fruit cups, granola bars, etc…

*Interested in joining our Bible Study? We would love to have you with us! Contact Erin Westby with questions        701-730-0779                                                             

I am excited to announce that through a generous grant from the Norman Lutheran Church Foundation, I have funds available to purchase a limited amount of Bible Recap books. I will be purchasing the travel-size version If you would like one, your cost would be only $5. This book is a wonderful resource designed to help you understand and love reading the Bible. If you have been thinking about joining us, now would be a great time to jump in!

*Thank you to all for helping the Norman Foundation reach their match goal! The Foundation does great things throughout our parish and community. This will help tremendously! So Grateful! Donations can be given also through the year.

*Annual Meetings 

Norman Lutheran annual meeting will be following Worship on January 21st. Meal following meeting. Report information due Jan 14th to  Please send reports in Word format if possible.                                                                                                   

Davenport Lutherans annual meeting will be following Worship on Sunday, January 28th. Potluck meal following meeting. Report information due Jan 21st to Please use Word format if possible.

*Youth Ski Trip in the planning. More information to come!

A look into next year, 2024.

The nominating committees will be looking to fill any open positions on the council, boards and committees. If you feel you are being called to help in an area of your congregation, please contact your President (N-Lukas Croaker and D-Renee Flom) or nominating committee member.

Click HERE to view a copy of the bulletin for the service today.


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