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Fall Youth Camp Opportunity!

The grades 6-10 youth of the Norman Davenport Parish are encouraged to attend the upcoming Fall Youth Retreat: at Castaway Club on Pelican Lake September 16-18, 2022! Please register by August 28th. To register, please fill out the attached form and email it to Pastor Katie ( along with your payment of $100 (free for those in grades 11-12). We need to have one adult leader over 21 to attend per 5 youth, so please let Pastor Katie know if you are interested in going along as a chaperone! We are partnering with Kindred Lutheran Church and their crew to share housing and rooms so the kids can all have fun together. *Please let Pastor Katie know if you already signed up on the Kindred Lutheran Church form sent yesterday and we'll get that figured out so everyone is counted correctly! Here's more information from the Synod and simply fill out the form below and send to P. Katie to register: KNOWN & NOTICED This year we will explore what it means to be completely known and noticed by God through Psalm 139. In the world of Snapchat, Tik Tok and Instagram, our youth understand what it is like to be "seen" but to be KNOWN - that's a different story. We are true masterpieces. Together we will explore how we can look at ourselves and others the way God sees us.THE LOCATION The location of the retreats returns to Castaway Club. Castaway Club is located in the heart of Minnesota's beautiful lake country, 13 miles south of Detroit Lies. Fall in the lake country is gorgeous! A few features of Castaway are: *game rooms, a climbing wall, waterfront *frisbee golf course, soccer field, basketball courts, tennis & volleyball, and a gaga pit *great food & coffee shop Leave: after school on Friday, September 16 (we are coordinating with Kindred Lutheran on this) Return: Sunday, September 18 early afternoon AGES: Grades 6-10 can register to attend ($100) Grades 11-12 can register as a work crew for the weekend (Free) FORMS Each person attending the retreat must complete the following form. Please email your form to Pastor Katie by Sunday, August 28 to register for the event:

Registration fee covers all program and expenses, t-shirt, snacks, meals and background checks for all adult leaders. Cost to Norman-Davenport members: $100 (actual price $175) *Funds are available through the Norman-Davenport Parish to reimburse those attending Bible Camp $75/registration. Please drop your check off at either church or mail to Norman Parish PO Box 96 Kindred, ND 58051


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