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2020 Council Members

Norman 2020 Officers President - Lukas Croaker

Vice President - Jim Hoy

Secretary - Nicole Rohrbeck

Treasurer - Rick Wilson

Financial Secretary - Brenda Robinson

Deacons - Eric Berg (Deacon Head), Paula Duval, Nicole Rohrbeck, Jess Wieser, Brenda Robinson

Trustees - John Robinson, Scott Rossow, Erik Thoen, Dean Duval

BOE - Michelle Kuznia, Rachel Mitchell, Stacy Swenson

WOM - President-Allison Wilson, Vice President-Stacy Swenson, Secretary-Jess Wieser, Treasurer-Kim Lammers

Davenport 2020 Officers

President - Jim Jermstad

Vice President - Carol Johnson

Secretary - Kristina Leslie

Treasurer - Dave Christianson

Financial Secretary - Vickie Kub

Deacons - Becky Christianson, Elaine Clemenson, Kermit Johnson

Trustees - Wayne Burkhart, Renee Flom, Mike Schmit

BOE - Hilary Odegaard, Marty Schmit

Parish 2020 Officers

President - Kristina Leslie

Vice President - Eric Berg

Secretary - Vickie Kub

Treasurer - Steve Haux

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