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January 24 Announcements

Prayer Requests: Please lift up in prayer- family and friends of Audrey Casperson and Wes Robertstahl, Rohrbeck Family, Trudy Torgerson, Carolyn Driscoll, Tanya Ausk, Shirley Berg, Wesley Nelson, Pam Johnson, Shirley Jermstad, Carol Malone. Prayers for our elders. Please remember all those in our school, community, state and country that are affected by the Coronavirus. Prayers that we all be patient, graceful and wise regarding decisions and interactions for the winter season. Prayers for our Nation.


*Sunday School today 11:15-12 at Norman

*Wednesday Kids Club 4:15pm-5pm at Davenport

*Confirmation Class Wednesday 6:15-7pm at Norman

*Parish Council Meeting Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

*Youth Group event for February/March. More info to be sent out soon.

*Giving Hearts Day Thursday, February 11th, 2021


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